Why I Want To Choose professional home care services For My Grandfather

I want to choose professional home care services for my grandfather because he is my hero. Let me tell you the story of my grandfather that how great he is and why he deserves special treatment?

Mr. Raymond William Garrett AFC. AE. My grandfather was born in the early 1900’s and grew up in Kew on the eastern edge of Melbourne.

He dropped out of school at the age of 14 and went to work on the train station to help support his family as the war began.

He always had a passion for technology and his three biggest passions in life were driving, flying and photography. He paid for his flying lessons by taking Melbourne aerial photographs used by developers and councils to measure Melbourne’s growth.

My Ancestors Early Days of Flight

In 1923 my grandfather held a British Empire long distance recording of the 1 hour and 23 minutes performed at Tower Hill in the western part of Victoria. The glider was introduced with a ramp using a conveyor belt such as a slingshot and a truck to pull it back.

He went on to start the Victorian Gliding Club in Benalla and became a member of life.

My grandfather was the founding father of QANTAS as he was one of the first pilots to fly the postal route from Longreach to Juliet Creek and the Northern Territory. He is well known in the Longreach Hall of Fame and the QANTAS museum

He then went on to join the Civil Air Force which later became the RAAF as we now know. Reach the rank of Group Captain and become one of the leading aviation instructors during World War II.

While based in Darwin his accommodations were located across the camp from the command center and every day they sent a driver to pick him up.

A few weeks later he decided that this was a waste of energy and staff so he decided to build his own motorcycle. He made it out of an old lawn mower with a two-tiered dog system to hold the dog and water pipes and even the panel hit his body and painted it with RAAF colors and stickers. It now resides at War Memorial in Foster, NSW where it has been completely restored.

This was the kind of smart person I knew he was. During the war a flying incident I remember telling me was when he arrived in Singapore at the end of the War to bring our citizens home and while they were evacuating other Japanese began to shoot them as they had not yet heard the news that Japan had surrendered.

After the war he returned to x-ray chemistry and photography and became head of Ilford Australia and later director of Ilford UK.

Great And Political

It was during this time that a group of local businessmen in the Outer Eastern Suburbs persuaded him to get involved in local politics and he became a member of the local council in the Shire of Doncaster and Tempstowe.

My grandfather then joined the national government in the time of Hamer and became President of the Legislature in Victoria representing East Victoria. He was also the health manager of the Baden Powell Association and the Victoria Scouts and many other organizations.

One of the major policies he pushed into parliament was the Green Wedge Belt proposal that now allows Melbourne to have a natural swag all that comes together in cities that support unique flora and fauna and provide people with a place to rest and escape from the turmoil of the suburbia.

He represented his representatives with dignity and respect and was considered a just and considerate politician, one of the real people who represented the people who held him there. He was considered a true gentleman.

My grandfather was always processing machinery and chemicals in his later years and had a beautiful harp in their holiday home down in McRae, where he turned wood into dishes and table legs and made a pile of ointment every year using a washing machine as a mixer. This ointment was delicious when sunburned on a local beach and the recipe continues to this day for the family.


There are so many other stories about my grandfather that I read over the years but these will have to wait a while.

One thing I always learned from my Grandfather was not to give up. Whether it was flying or flying or climbing a hill climbing my grandfather would continue after failure after failure.

This continued in his days with Ilford as he devised new methods of chemical processing and in his days in parliament where he went on to see Victoria build the first state parks and the green wedge around the pastures.

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