Why Names Are Important

In the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, it is argued that the person on the inside is more important than the name they are given. While this is certainly true, your name is one of the most distinguishing features about you.

It is the first thing you tell people when you meet them, so it is important to have a name that you like and that means something to you. There are millions of names from all over the world, so how do you make sure that you have the right name for you? 

What’s in a name?

Like everything, names go through trends every few years. Names that were popular when your grandparents were young, for instance, are experiencing a revival now.

Classic names such as Iris, Albert, Delilah, Arthur, and George are all making an appearance in the top 100 names for boys and girls, while trendier names are starting to fall out of favor.

When people choose names based on their popularity, often the meaning can be overlooked in favor of the trend, but this can have its downsides. For example, Mary means “bitter”, Mallory means “unlucky”, and Portia means “pig”.

So, with this in mind, it’s better to choose a name based on the meaning behind it, rather than its position on the names chart at that point in time. 

Discover the meaning of your name in different cultures

A great way to find out more about your name is by looking into what your name means in different cultures. For example, your name may mean one thing in Europe, but something completely different in Samoan culture.

A name like Azami can be found in both Persian and Japanese cultures, in Persian it means “thistle flower” while in Japan it means “greatest”. Thanks to Idris Elba, the beautiful name Idris is making waves in modern culture.

In Welsh, Idris means “lord”, while in Arabic, it means “to study”, and is also the name of one of the Koranic prophets. While some names have dual meanings, others, like Kim, can have three or more! In Western culture, the name Kim is used for both boys and girls and means “Cyneburg’s field”, while in Vietnam it is a feminine name meaning “gold”.

In Russia, however, it is used to describe members of a youth political party. It’ worth finding out the meaning of your name in different cultures – you may just learn something new! 

Some countries only allow names from a selected register

Research celebrities with your name 

While there might be a celeb or two who share the same name as you, it might not be their real one. It is commonplace for some celebrities to use nicknames or pen names rather than their real name when they become famous, as this provides them with a layer of protection and also allows them to differentiate themselves and create a stage persona.

It is relatively common for sports personalities in big tournaments like football and poker to use nicknames based on where they are from to differentiate them from other players, while pop singers like Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) and Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul) become known by their respective nicknames because of their exceptional talent. Find out about your namesake and whether they share the same real name as you. 

Read about historical figures with your name 

If you have ever wondered why your personality is a certain way, perhaps look to historical figures who share the same name as you to discover whether it is a name thing! Some studies suggest that our names can influence all kinds of things in our lives, from our careers and where we live right through to the grades we get and the type of stocks we invest in.

So it makes sense that researching historical figures with the same name as you might throw up some similarities that could give you insight into your own life.   

Names are a super important part of our identity. They help to describe the person we are and give some insight into the character behind them. One of the best things about names is that if you’re not happy with them – you can simply change them!

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