Best Way To Write A Unique Essay

Essay writing is a challenging task, especially when you have to write a plagiarism-free essay. The students often get confused while writing assignments because they don’t follow essay writing’s basic requirements. 

They must follow some tricks to write the essays quickly and efficiently. Let’s discuss some useful tips that can help you to write a unique essay without breaking a sweat.

Some significant ways to write up a great essay:

  1. Focus on providing a great outline:

Some of the students think that the outlines are no more critical to write an essay. That’s why they can’t get good grades from their teachers. The proper outlines may save you from confusing with so many ideas. You will create a map that can guide you to write a perfect essay in a matter of seconds. 

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  1. Conduct real research before writing:

A well-researched essay will enable you to get high grades and a reputation in your class. Gathering enough information about your topic will help you to make your essay more authentic. You must add research-based and well-argued points in your essays and assignments. The research will take time but can help you stand different from your fellows.

  1. Choose topics that interest you:

 The topic doesn’t have to be easy or complicated, but the main thing is to think about whether you have any interest in the subject or not. You will get it challenging to write on a topic in which you have no interest. 

  1. Read the essay thoroughly and add relevant changes:

You may indulge in trouble if you don’t read your essay even once after writing it. It becomes useful to read out your essays thoroughly to detect any grammatical or spelling mistakes from them. 

  1. Seek academic writing assistance from your seniors: 

You can surely get instructions from your senior fellows to write assignments and essays remarkably. They would have more knowledge and experiences than you. 

  1. Write good and original essays: 

The students mostly take it easy to copy the content from internet sources and paste them into their essays. The teachers always have permission to cancel students’ registration who submit copied assignments and research work. You may have to face a lot of trouble to admit to another institute because of this academic crime. So, try to check the plagiarism of your essays before submitting them to your teachers. 

Many online tools can help you eliminate all the embarrassing situations for publishing invalid or copyright research work. Let’s see how to utilize them.

How to use a plagiarism checker online tool? 

The following steps will help you to utilize a copyright checker without facing any hassle:

  • There is a rich collection of similarity checker tools, but the main effort is to choose the best one.
  • After selecting a significant plagiarism tool, you must upload your essay file in the provided section.
  • No matter in what format you have written your essay. The best tools will allow you to upload multiple formats like, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .tex, .doc, and .txt.
  • You can upload your file using drag-and-drop, Google Drive, and Dropbox options. 
  • Once you have uploaded your essays successfully, click on “Check Plagiarism” and get results in a matter of seconds.

Let’s write some good plagiarism detector engines here.

Suggested the best plagiarism scanner tools:

Copyright checker by

This similarity checker is useful for all kinds of writers, for instance, students, teachers, bloggers, content writers, and webmasters. It can authorize you to enter your content file in any available version because it supports multiple file formats. The users or writers always feel fear about the security of their research work. But using duplication checker by, the users don’t have to worry because it provides security features inside. 

Plagiarism checker online by SmallSEOTools:

It will check your essay around billions of available websites over the internet and show you more reliable reports. You may get unique and similar results in percentage form by this useful tool. It will reword the sentences automatically to remove plagiarism from your assignments. You can also download the plagiarism report easily and keep it on your device as a record. 


All kinds of writers can check plagiarism through this tool without any hassle. This cloud-based tool will not require you to download it on your device, and you may reach it easily with reasonable price packages.  It can detect all the duplicate content from your essays in no time.


It can quickly identify theft with the help of advanced technologies. Copyscape will offer you to use its premium tool that is more powerful in features. You may get an email from this incredible tool if it finds plagiarism in your essays. It is useful not for students but also for content creators and web managers. 

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